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Radeon X1950PRO

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ASUS EAX1950PRO CROSSFIRE/HTDP/256M Radeon X1950PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support HDCP Video Card

Few things eat computer power quite as fast as graphics displays. With modern multi-CPU systems, the video card can become the bottleneck for your imagery, if one isn't careful. What's a graphics professional or serious gamer to do? Enter Crossfire cards: by ganging two Crossfire-compatible video cards together, you can create your own multiple processor graphics sub-system, utilizing the power of each processor to do part of the work. With two modern GPUs working together, your images can be higher resolution, faster than ever before -- almost like having a small rendering farm in a box. And it's not just the boards that are smart: the drivers recognize a large number of applications and automatically use the best rendering mode for each. Nor do your Crossfire boards have to be identical: the software will adjust the rendering loads according to each board's capabilities. Thus, you don't have to buy everything all at once if you want to further upgrade your Crossfire graphics system. This is one serious upgrade in graphics power, so make certain that your motherboard, memory, and power supply are all up to the task. Professionals and serious gamers alike, you're going to like what you see!

ASUS EAX1950PRO/HTDP/256M Radeon X1950PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

Take your gaming to the next level with the X1950 Pro-based video card from Asus! The 256MB of GDDR3 memory can handle anything you throw at it. CrossFire ready, this card begs for you to add its twin for even greater "pwning" opportunities. It has a PCI-e x16 connection for maximum data transfer from the system. All this power can run hot, or it would if it didn`t have Asus` custom cooling solution with a heat pipe and extra fins to ensure maximum cooling. Gaming is a great use for dual multiple screens. You can run the game on the main screen and have the Gamer OSD and Game FaceMessenger utilities open on the other. Gamer OSD lets you chat and manage your cards settings without having to exit the game-overclock on the fly for maximum control of your game play experience. Or you can use Game FaceMessenger for IM style in-game chats. Sometims you want to watch movies, hook your HDTV to one of the DVI interfaces or use the adapter cable for component video connection. HDCP support ensures you can watch everything that`s out there. Or, if you`d rather watch the movie on your PC, the Splendid Video Enhancing Technology kicks in, enhancing color depth and intensity delivering a cleaner, clearer picture. See it all and have more fun than you can stand with Asus!