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STAUBLI TX90 6 axis TX90XL SCR Super CleanRoom Robot CS8C

Manufacturer: STAUBLI
SKU: 10003920
Part number: TX90
Availability: In stock
Product description

Robot Type: Staubli TX90 XL SCR Super Clean Room 1450mm Reach version.

Robot Condition: like new, removed from laboratory environment

Robot Hours: under 10 hrs

Robot cable outlet: horisontal

Robot protection class (wrist): IP65(65)

Robot encoder type: absolute (no batteries)

Robot extended cable option: available

Robot Controller: CS8C

Pressurized version/option: available

Val 3 options: available V5.2, V6.5, V6.9, V7.3

PLC option: available

FieldBus option and hardware: available

Cycle Time 0.004s

Cycle Time 0.002s option : available

Starc Package upgrade Starc2 : available

TestMode option: available

UniVal Drive option and hardware: available

Plastics - Euromap 12/67 interface : available


Power Options available:

- 3ph 480v

- 3ph 210-240v

- 1ph 210-240v

- 1ph 120v (only with 50% load/speed/acc/dec - for full power requre 220v)

Robot and controller has 1 year warranty.

Robot system went thrue PM (preventive maintenance), Calibration check and Full test.

International shipping : available

Robot integration service and many other options are available - please inquire via email: