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GIGABYTE GV-RX105512P8-RH Radeon X1050 512MB(128MB on Board) 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

Manufacturer: GIGABYTE
SKU: 2016138
Part number: GV-RX105512P8-RH
Availability: In stock
Quick overview Gigybyte delivers a great combination of performance and value with their Radeon X1050 based PCIe x16 card. It comes with 128MB of GDDR2 memory which can be enhanced up to 512MB through the PCIe channel and HyperMemory technology to access system memory for graphics only as needed. ATi's legendary Catalyst control center goes far beyond traditional driver configuration software - it's a feature-rich and stable 3D acceleration control application that puts you in complete command of your video card. You also get options for safe GPU over-clocking, custom profiles and assignable hot-keys. Of course having all these features is pointless if there`s no way to use it. That`s why there is both a VGA and a DVI port included. The S-Video port can also send a composite video signal. The Gigabyter GV-RX1055512P8-RH could maybe use a shorter name, but the card's a real hit at a great price!